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Note: most of the web content now requires logging in to be visible.  There are multiple levels of read and write permission, as well as access to menus.   If you do not have an account or if you don't have the permissions you think you should have, please email the webmaster (or Jeff Martin or Veda Palmer).


All Web Help pages is a "Category List" which will list all the articles in the "Help - Web" Category.

Web Development is a separate Restricted Category related to development plans for the web.  You must be logged in to see these articles.


About the Web Tech (Joomla) is an article about the technology underpinning this website.  If this website doesn't have something you want, it's not the technology.  Joomla runs 30% of the world's websites including large retail sites (like ikea.com).  Wordpress is more popular, but Joomla is more powerful, especially in complex user management.

Joomla and this website are designed to support mass contribution.  The Editor is WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) and powerful.  Editing articles (pages) is easy if you have permission.  Creating New Articles is easy, if you have permission.  Articles on Articles include:


The biggest unresolved challenge is the Web Registraion process.  It's ungainly currently.