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Troop 4 is in mourning. We lost a loving parent to an awesome Scout, Luke Daly.  Please follow this link for a remembrance and more information:  Remembering Trish Daly



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Every month, the first Tuesday is a Greenbar meeting at 6:00 and a parent meeting at 7:00 and the second Tuesday is a Troop meeting at 6:45.

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This web is getting updated.  We invite you to participate.  

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Note that all functions from the old are currently preserved.  The Old Menu Items has the old mostly out-of-date pages.

The old Forms page, which is a link to a Google Drive Folder, is available under the Content Menu:  Forms


Everything else is new, under construction, and up for your consideration.


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you can email me, Jeff Martin, if you have questions (we're not quite settled on the in-web email capabilites yet).