Joomla! has a rich-text editor (actually it has several).  We use JCE Core (there are help videos on Youtube).

Title is required and it is the most visible aspect of the article.  Make it clear.

Menus across the top related to the article content.  

Under Publishing, you can set an expiration date - this way you can plan on an obsolete article automatically disappearing from pages.

Article Editor (JCE)

Along the right side of the editing pane are some important properties. 

Category is important.  Where will the article automatically show up?

Access is particularly important.  Be careful about exposing data to the Public or Guest roles.

Tags (keywords about the content) are optional but are useful in Searches and can be used by menus to display articles by Tag.

The buttons below the editing pane allows inserting images and links to menus and other articles.

Note that Inserting an Image is a two-step process.  In the Insert Image dialog, youl'll need to scroll to the bottom to upload the image to the web Media folder.  Then you can select it for insertion.  youtube: insert image