video: Creating New Articles

The Ability to Create New Articles is based on your web login permissions.

You will generally see a "Create Article" item in the User Menu (not the overall Navigation Menu).

 If you think you should be able to add or edit an article, and you don't have the option, contact the webmaster.


Note that most of the content in our web Conent Management System is based on Articles and Categories.

Using the Proper Category for an Article ensures that it becomes visible in the right place (the Appropriate Menus etc.).  The Create Article menu item SHOULD automatically select the correct Category for you.

Note that you can (and should) add any appropriate Tags, to help the Search tool work better.  If you start typing a Tag, any Tags with the same letters will show up as a clickabout item.  For example, type "Adv" should offer "Advancement".  This helps keep the keywords consistent.


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