Dear Scouts and Troop 4 Families:

As a reminder, out of concern for the health and welfare of our Scouts, their parents and caregivers, and our community, there can be no in-person group meetings, hikes, bike rides, or any get-togethers of any kind at this time.  As scouts and leaders of the La Jolla community, we need to show leadership by example.

We recognize this is difficult for everyone, especially our Troop 4 families that prefer being in the great outdoors! However, until the Troop 4 Executive Committee formally announces a change to this status, please refrain from gathering. 

To help you discuss the importance of this mandate with your scouts (young and old) take into consideration the following:

1.  Our State has issued a Shelter-in-Place order. This means that everyone is required to stay home except to get food, care for a relative or friend, get necessary health care, or go to an essential job.

2. San Diego County has issued orders to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This includes “Avoid gatherings of any size.” 

Supervisor Nathan Fletcher said Wednesday. "We believe this is the month where we find out if we end up like Italy or New York or if we find ourselves through a better pathway and a better direction."  Fletcher urged San Diegans to take "aggressive action" of what is in our control. "Now is the time, the voluntary compliance is over and now it is time for strict compliance throughout all communities, jurisdictions," Fletcher said. 

3. Boy Scouts of America San Diego Imperial Council’s policy is to follow the State’s stay-at-home Order and the County of San Diego’s Health Order. All scouting activities should be done online to minimize the possibility of unwanted exposure to COVID-19. Per their notice, “While this order is in effect all meetings are to be conducted “virtually” using available technology”. This includes both Troop and Patrol meetings.

4. Our sponsoring organizations, the Kiwanis and La Jolla Presbyterian Church, expect that we comply with all state and county advisories.Imagine their embarrassment to see a photo of Troop 4 scouts selfishly out and about.

5. Young scouts may not show any signs of infection. Exposing our scouts to potentially bringing Covid-19 into a home with older parents or anyone who is at greater risk is irresponsible.

6. It is the right thing to do. We all instinctively know this; it is our responsibility to show our community, our families, and ourselves that we are the leaders we strive to be. After all, as the Scout Law states, “…a scout is obedient.”

I spoke with Rob Canton today. Rob is the Senior Executive Director of our Council. He encourage virtual meeting and stated that there should be no troop meetings, no patrol meetings, no camp outs, no hikes/bikes.  He further stated that scouts training for Philmont should hike with their own parents only. I have included is email below.

I also spoke with Ted Padula - our Charter Representative from La Jolla Presbyterian Church - and he was very empathetic that this policy be mandatory, and in addition to the reasons stated above, that this creates liability for both the Troop and LJPC.

As the Executive Chair of this Troop, I deeply care about our boys and their safety.  I’m saddened every night when I watch the news and witness the tragedy unfolding around us. I know it is terrible to be stuck inside but we must do our part and comply with direction from our state and county. The policies in California are working-

This policy stays in place until the Exective Committee revises it. Any revision will be formally announced by the same.

Be Safe, 

Emmet Holden

Committee Chair

Troop 4