Website Logins

Much, if not most, of this website's content is not public. 

You will need a Login to view and edit content appropriate to your Role, which is assigned by the webmaster.

There is a "Create an Account" option in the Login Menu.

This does tend to get clicked by spammers, hackers, and bots, so we may or may not be using this much in the future (we apparently have a lot of scouts who live in Romania).

If you use this to create an account, you need an email to self-activate the account.

If you do not have an email, Contact the webmaster to create the account for you.  

Please use your first and last names for the Name and User Name.  Yes, you can use something "clever" and personal, but it makes managing permissions very difficult (I'm looking at you, Refreshing Toast!).


Note: Troop Leads: we have a ton of outdated or potentially bogus web accounts.  We should purge the clearly- and probably-bad ones.  [I don't think this will affect mail lists, which is a google groups function (ultimately, it would be good to be able to manange email lists integrally with the website User Groups)]