Troop 4 Personal Gear ListTroop 4 Personal Gear ListBeach Camping Weekend Load - Version October 30, 2018

PDF Version: PDF Version October 30, 2018

The 10 Essentials

• Pocket Knife with Tot’n Chit Card• Personal First Aid Kit• Extra Clothing• Rain Protection• Water Bottle (very important)• Headlamp with Red Lens/Flashlight• Trail Food (Bars or Trail mix)• Flint & Steel/Weatherproof Matches• Hat/Sunglasses/Sunscreen (SPF 30+)• Compass/Whistle/Mirror

Important Gear

• Scout Handbook in Jacket with Pen• Small Pocket Notebook & Pencil• Wristwatch• Weather Report (printed)• Hiking Boots (or good tennis shoes)


• Hiking Style Backpack or Duffel Bag• Small Daypack (for day hikes)


• Class A Uniform (shirt, neckerchief, slide,pants, and hat)• Class B Uniform Shirt (x2)• Convertible Pants & Belt (x1)• Underwear (x2)• Socks (x2)• Sleeping Clothes (aka Pajamas)• Swimming Trunks (if appropriate)• Jacket or Sweatshirt (for the evening)• Bandana (always useful to have around)• Dirty Clothes Bag


• Toothbrush, Toothpaste & Floss• Personal Medications• Toilet Paper Wad in Ziplock Bag• Washcloth


• Mess Kit (Plate, Fork, Knife, Spoon andCup)• Recipes (for cooks)• Snacks (gorp, granola bars, jerky, etc.)

Misc. Gear

• Insect Repellent (if appropriate)• Games (optional: cards, etc.)

Sleeping Gear

• Sleeping Bag• Ground Pad or Inflatable Mattress• Small Camp Pillow (optional)

Camp Gear

• Small Collapsible Chair or Camp Stool(optional)• 2-Man Tent (If assigned to bring by PatrolLeader. No 1-man tenting)

Suggested Beach/Surfing Gear

• Beach Towel

• Flip-Flops

• Wet Suit

• Mask & Snorkel, Fin

• Boogie Board

• Surf Board

• Football

• Frisbee