If your scope is “unguided” / “non-motorized” / “Push-To” etc.:


  • Know what you’re looking for (Observing List? Why?, 3/12)
  • Know its whereabouts (phone app? Sky map? Star Chart?)
  • Know its Constellation
    • Know its position relative to markers


  • Find the target’s Constellation
  • Orient the scope towards the Constellation (as close as you can)
  • Put your eyeball near the back of the scope
  • Sight along the scope to align towards the target location
  • Look in the finder. See if you can see it. If so, center it in the cross-hairs
  • Look in the scope. Is it there? If not, move the scope around (small movements).
  • Can try with a wider (lower power) eyepiece
  • (repeat as necessary)


YouTube:  How to Aim a Scope (talking through these points)

YouTube:  How to Aim a Scope (video at the scopes)